Club Repeater

Logistics: The N7GDE repeater operates on 145.190 MHz with a minus 600 KHz offset, and requires a 127.3 Hz continuous tone to repeat. It is a voice repeater and does not process any tone, DTMF, paging, or digital signals. It does not support APRES, IRLP, ECHOLINK, or auto-patch services. The repeater is located on Lyman Hill (or Lyman Peak) at an altitude of 4300 ft Mean Sea Level (MSL), an elevation that is ideally suited for wide-area coverage repeaters. Geographically, the location is N48°35’41.24″, W122° 9’33.70″. On a map, Lyman Hill is situated 7 miles NNE of Sedro Woolley, WA. The antenna is mounted at the 50-ft level on the southern face of a 100-Ft antenna tower at the top of the hill.

Operation: The N7GDE repeater is open for use by all licensed amateur radio operators. Using a mobile rig and suitable antenna, you’ll find that coverage extends to the South as far as central Seattle, to the North to Vancouver, to the East up the Skagit River to Rockport (WA), and to the West into the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

RASC Repeater

Radio Amateurs of Skagit County Repeater Site

Frequent Fliers: There are several club nets that regularly meet on the repeater. The Skagit County ARES group meets on the repeater every Wednesday evening at 7 PM.

Technical: The repeater consists of:

An SCOM 7K repeater controller.
GE Mastr II transmitter/receiver – no receive preamplifier. GE rates the transmitter at 65 watts, but it is set for 50 watts output.
6-Cavity Tx/Rx duplexer.
Approximately 80 feet of 7/8” Heliax coaxial cable between the duplexer and the antenna.
The current antenna–a Sinclair 2-bay open-loop dipole antenna.
A GE MASTR II UHF auxiliary control receiver.
A LEDEX/BRAMCO DTMF Tone controller.